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Jellyfish table art/ table lamp with bioluminescent magic

Jellyfish table art/ table lamp with bioluminescent magic

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Jellyfish are one of the world's most ancient species. An essential food source for marine ecology, but avoided by humans because they can sting. This piece celebrates the beauty of our seas jelly friends.
A huge cut piece of solid resin allows this art has been created to be displayed from two different angles, with the jellyfish floating above the sea floor, or along the side of a coral cay. It's your choice.
By day in full light it is a translucent light blue, but depending on its positioning against walls or windows ... the colour range will change and reflect its environment.
Whilst smooth to touch, the jellyfish slightly protrude, allowing you feel their bubbly texture and encourage curiosity and a sensory element.
With a round lamp base with usb port and switch included, come night time, the options double. The two angles bring out different shades in the ocean water ... from seafoam blue to an ocean green.
However the focus can be changed by positioning the piece with the light at the back or the front to achieve the effects photographed.
And if you have a uv light or torch, shining it onto the piece for just 30 seconds will change it entirely, as bioluminescent greens and blue corals will glow in the dark without a light source at all. Inspired by bioluminescent algae, and delivered to you through art and science.

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