Beach Escape Marcoola

Celebrating the turquoise blue that connects us all through original art and functional ocean inspired decor for your home.

... for lovers of saltwater.

  • Decor with a meaning

    The future of the ocean and its biodiversity is in our hands.

  • #emptythetanks

    Art that advocates for whales and dolphins to live wild and free.

  • Waste free marine environments

    Encouraging change to prevent further degradation of the ocean and the development of innovation to remove plastic, rubbish and ghost nets.

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Welcome to your Beach Escape

Art is for everyone.

Designed to celebrate our marine environments and encourage their conservation

Each piece celebrates the colours, magic, detail and beauty of the oceans that connect us. They encourage imagination and create serenity. Some pieces are also designed to draw attention to the impacts humans have upon the future of our oceans. Waste and plastics are suffocating marine environments, whilst dolphins and whales are being stolen from the wild for human entertainment and hunting. The position of the artist in relation to these issues is firm, and for those who share it, education can be delivered through meaningful and respectful discussions inspired by the pieces that reflect these causes.

Respectful of diversity through gender and culturally neutral pieces

All artwork featuring human elements have been deliberately made to be gender and culturally neutral in respect for diversity.

Textures, colours and magic embedded to promote tranquility

This work integrates creativity, design, construction, science ... and magic. All major pieces are unique and single productions, so you will not find them anywhere else. Ever. Bioluminescent secrets are revealed with changing light, and each piece is touchable, washable, and tactile for those who favour non-visual senses, because art should be able to be enjoyed by everyone.

Environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced organic ingredients

All artwork is constructed with sustainably sourced botanicals and seashells, as well as natural organic ingredients.

Inspiring creativity, sustainability and mental wellness

Creativity is not competitive. It is inspired by our unique observations of the world, our experiences, colours and textures we discover, and it allows us to share the world as we see it with others to enjoy. The process of creating beautiful things benefits mental wellness as it allows an escape from stress, worry and anxiety. It lets us focus, even just for a minute, on things that bring us joy. It is empowering and positive. Art is good for everyone.

A range for all tastes and budgets

These pieces are sold at prices that only cover costs to allow the exploration of the artists craft. To ensure accessibility, options for all budgets are available ... because Art is for Everyone.

Handmade and homemade.

The Beach Escape Marcoola collection features the work of one Australian artist. Each piece is handmade and homemade with profits shared to support the work of ocean conservation, and the freedom of our marine wildlife to live without harm or the degradation of their habitat.