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Christmas Island head magnets

Christmas Island head magnets

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The giant heads, called "moai" located on Christmas Island have been a source of mystery since their discovery in 1722. Whilst ethnographers, archaeologists, and visitors to the island have hypthesised about why such a massive statue building effort was undertaken,it is a mystery that may never be solved.
In recognition that we may not always understand the motivations of people that are different to us, sometimes acceptance, admiration and curiosity are all we need.
These cute magnets are constructed from seashells so even if the symbolism does not resonate ... the novelty of the funky little heads will. And as they say, two heads are better than one, when you buy this item, you will get an extra one one for free!
Each item is 6cm x 2.5cm and has a smooth finish and a textured back. Magnets are double layer to prevent scratching.

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